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Note: In meteorology, an okta is a unit of measurement used to describe the amount of cloud cover at any given time. It ranges from 0 oktas - completely clear sky to 8 oktas - completely overcast. Use the table below to help you complete this form.

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Cloud Coverage - Cloud amount is measured by dividing the sky up into eights, known as oktas, and estimating how much is covered by cloud. If there are lots of patches of individual cloud, estimate how much of the sky they would cover if they were all put together. If you cannot see the sky because it is obscured by fog, this is reported as 9 oktas.

Cloud Types
0 oktas Clear skies
1 okta Almost clear skies, just the odd cloud
2 oktas Mostly clear skies, only a quarter of the sky covered by cloud
3 oktas Partly cloudy, just over half the sky is cloudless
4 oktas Partly cloudy, half of the sky covered by cloud
5 oktas More than half the sky covered by cloud
6 oktas Mostly cloudy, only a quarter of the sky showing
7 oktas Almost overcast, just a small amount of sky showing
8 oktas Overcast, no sky showing
9 oktas Sky obscured by fog